Mr Max Marcellino, FRCS

A life dedicated to the beauty of the face and body

About me

I was born in Rome in 1971, in 1995 I graduated in Medicine and Surgery with honours and in 2001 I specialized in Plastic Surgery. I immediately started my profession and shortly afterwards I moved to London where I have been living and working for the past 23 years. During those years    I have worked in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Dubai for 3 years and carried on regular surgical activity in Italy bringing to my clients an international medical and aesthetic approach.

Over time, I have become a member of the most prestigious international professional bodies of surgery, companies and organizations that are highly regarded in the medical and surgical field, and I have gained notoriety also on an international level. I have gained experience on all types of skin, face and body types, both male and female; in fact, I have over 15,000 surgical operations to my credit.

In life I have become a father and this has allowed me to improve my listening and empathy, both considered as an added value for my profession. I always put at the centre my relationship with the patient, I try to understand the person in front of me and why they are thinking about treatment. My priority is their psychological  wellbeing 

I am a father but also a husband. My wife, why is also my manager, accompanies me every day, she is the common thread between me and the patients. Always in contact with them, she makes sure that their path of aesthetic renewal follows the right steps and timing.

My job is also studying, knowledge sharing and continuous updating. I have over 75 scientific publications to my credit, I participate actively as a speaker at international congresses and I keep myself updated on the progress of surgery, aesthetic medicine and antiaging.

I'm a Plastic Surgeon with 23 years of experience and I love my job.


My Approach

In my many years of experience, and thanks to the patients I have met, I have developed an approach which I use for each surgery.

The first appointment

It is the basis of my aesthetic renewal process, in which I like to establish a direct relationship with my patient.

The surgery

I operate with my patient's wishes and achievable results in mind to ensure an excellent result and a swift post-operative course.

After the surgery

I will see every patient personally in their follow ups, monitoring the patient until his complete recovery. Every one of my patient will have contact with 24 hrs for any advice and I give a life time care.

The best choices for patient well-being

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