Penis size has been a source of anxiety for men throughout history. Penoplasty surgery addresses issues concerning penis dimensions and shape for men looking to achieve substantial lengthening and increase in volume of their penis.

Penile augmentation will, for some, remain a controversial issue. The perception a man has of the adequacy of the size of his penis is, of course, subjective, and does not necessarily coincide with the true dimensions of the organ.

Complex social and psychological interactions can affect the degree to which a person accepts his own body image. Thus, men with hypoplasia of the penis may declare themselves satisfied with its size, while others who are considered ‘normal’ may request augmentation surgery. In this latter case, dysmorphophobia may predominantly be an aesthetic issue and, where this applies, penile surgery belongs to the field of cosmetic surgery.

However, in the majority of the cases, the patient has a real psychological problem with the size of his penis that severely affects his life. In these cases surgery is not being considered for cosmetic reasons. For many, it will enhance the size and shape of the organ which did not sufficiently develop through puberty and, as a consequence, improve that individual’s state of mind.

The important point to consider here is that, for men experiencing issues with their penis size, perception is reality.

Since Dr. Marcellino started performing this procedure, he has found that only around 50% of patients attending his consultations present with what would objectively be considered a small penis; 30% have penises within the normal range (but are considered too small by the patient themselves); 15% have penises larger than average; and 5% have what would medically be considered a micropenis. This is why, with everyone he sees, a meticulous consultation is needed to establish and explore the patient’s reasons for seeking treatment.

Psychological counsel is essential in each case, together with honest advice. Patients with a penis truly larger than normal are systematically rejected. Penis augmentation has become popular in recent years, with the number of men undergoing phalloplasty significantly increasing year on year. The aim of this site is to provide a useful introduction to the subject for those considering treatment.

For more in-depth information and a confidential discussion of your particular case, please call the number provided to arrange a consultation.

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