Male cosmetic surgery

The goal of male cosmetic surgery is giving your body a balanced, harmonious, and masculine shape.

Male beauty has always been identified with bold and sharp shapes that express strength and masculinity. Since the Ancient Greeks and Romans age, male beauty has always been associated with the ideas of ​​force and thew. Man plastic surgery gives your body the right proportions, in the respect of your natural features and look.

Male cosmetic surgery deals with parts of the body that often make men unhappy, such as chest and penis. Sometimes, men perceive these body parts as inadequate or not masculine enough, like an unmanly chest or small penis. This perception creates psychological distress and has an impact on life and social relationships.

Dr. Massimiliano Marcellino has a wide experience in male cosmetic surgery and in particular:

  • Gynecomastia, a surgical procedure that corrects male breast over-development due to hormonal factors or fat accumulation in the breast area;
  • Penoplasty, a male plastic surgery procedure aimed at increasing the penis size.

During your first consultation, Dr. Massimiliano Marcellino will evaluate with you your request for male surgery intervention and, after careful consideration, he will propose the best solutions to give you the result you want.


The growth of tissue and the build up of fat in the mammary area makes some men feel less masculine and ultimately, unhappy with their body. But the condition is easily treatable and Dr. Marcellino has restored self-confidence in many patients.


Penis size has been a source of anxiety for men throughout history. Penoplasty surgery addresses issues concerning penis dimensions and shape for men looking to achieve substantial lengthening and increase in volume of their penis.

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