The operation day

On the day of your surgery there’s some final preparation to be done. Dr. Marcellino will visit you for the last time before the procedure.

On the day of your operation some quick, routine tests will be performed, such as obtaining blood tests and checking your blood pressure.

After taking a shower in your private room with disinfectant soap and removing any jewellery and other objects from your body, you’ll be offered a pharmaceutical to help you relax.

Dr. Marcellino will visit you in your room prior to your surgery, marking your body or face in the appropriate place with a pen in preparation for the procedure, also affording you the opportunity to ask any last minute questions you might have.

A final consent form will also need to be signed at this point. Where general anaesthetic is used, a nurse will do everything possible to make you feel at ease when you wake up from your operation. Soon afterwards, the surgeon and anaesthetist will visit you and you’ll be able to get up.

The day after surgery, the surgeon will see you again to check on how you’re doing, before sending you home and giving you some things to do to aid your recovery. These might include exercises, special aides, or advice on rest, depending on your treatment.

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