The first consultation

In your first session, Dr. Marcellino will explain everything you need to know about your procedure in detail, so you can make a fully informed decision.

Dr. Marcellino’s aim is to make you, the patient, happy. Through a series of consultations he’ll get to know and understand you, building the open and honest relationship he sees as a key component of successful treatment. 

He’ll talk through the techniques he’ll use, how long the procedure will take, how long you’ll need to recover as well as highlight any potential risks or complications you need to be aware of.

At this point, he’ll also conduct a health questionnaire and carry out any blood tests, X-rays and cardiological exams which may be relevant, as well as discussing the use or otherwise of anaesthesia. He will then take some photographs, which are an important diagnostic instrument for plastic surgery.

After your procedure further photos will be taken and stored in your confidential personal file as clinical documentation.

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