Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and/or shape of your breasts. Many women experience dissatisfaction with the size or shape of their breasts and therefore wish to do something about how they feel.  There can be a range of reasons for choosing breast enhancement surgery, but the most commonly reported are:

  • Women who have naturally smaller breasts.
  • Women who have experienced a loss of volume or firmness after pregnancy, weight loss, or simply because of age.
  • Women with asymmetrical breasts.
  • Women wishing to achieve a curvier figure.

Dr Marcellino is an expert at providing long-lasting solutions to each of these problems, having successfully performed uncountable breast enhancement procedures in his career.  Using only the highest grade silicone implants he is renowned for achieving a natural aesthetic, in harmony with your body.  

Breast Augmentation: Your consultation

At your consultation, Dr Marcellino will listen to exactly what it is you would like to change about your breasts.  He will then talk through all of the available options. 

As with all of the procedures he performs, the treatment Dr Marcellino recommends will be highly personalised, designed and refined according to your individual body shape and size. As part of your consultation, he will examine your breasts, measuring their current proportion and position. He will also take some photographs, so that after your surgery the results can be compared with your original appearance.  

Breast Augmentation: The procedure

Breast enhancement involves inserting a prosthesis made of silicone behind each breast, either under the gland or under the muscle. The implants come in various shapes and sizes but Dr Marcellino will help you decide which is right for you. This depends on what you want to achieve but also on the proportions and dimensions of your anatomy and the measurements and form of your breast.

The insertion of the implants can be made in a number of ways.  An inframammary incision is the most commonly employed technique, where an incision is made in the groove under the breast.  Alternative incisions are the periareolar incision, where it is made into the skin of the breast immediately below the lower half of the areola of the nipple, and the axillary incision, where a small cut is made in the armpit. 

Dr. Marcellino will discuss each procedure with you at your consultation, advising which he thinks would be most suitable for you, taking account of your individual anatomy and personal preference.

Once the incision has been made, the prosthesis is then positioned by creating a pocket above (ie under the breast gland and over the muscle) or beneath the pectoral muscle. Once the incision has been closed, a draining tube will be put in place for each breast.  These tubes will be removed the day after the operation.

The operation usually takes between one and two hours to complete and is performed under general anaesthetic.  An overnight stay in hospital is normally required.  

Breast Augmentation: Before Your Surgery

  • If you smoke it is strongly recommend that you stop at least two weeks prior to your surgery in order to help healing and reduce the risk of infection. Ideally you should stop 8 weeks beforehand.
  • If you take aspirin or any other medication you should make Dr Marcellino aware of this at your consultation as it may need to be discontinued for a short period of time before and after your surgery.
  • Where general anaesthetic is performed, you will be asked to follow fasting instructions. This means not eating or drinking for around six hours before the operation. Both Dr Marcellino and your anaesthetist will provide precise advice on this in advance of your procedure.

Breast Augmentation: On the Day of Your Surgery

  • Please ensure that you arrive at the hospital in good time ahead of your operation.
  • Dr Marcellino will visit you in your room prior to your surgery, marking your breasts with a pen in preparation for the procedure, and also affording you the opportunity to ask any last minute questions you might have. A final consent form will also need to be signed at this point.
  • A personal nurse will be assigned to you to ensure your care and comfort throughout.

Breast Augmentation: After Your Surgery

  • As with all surgery, there is likely to be some bruising and swelling afterwards. This is completely normal and tends to settle within the first few days.
  • You may feel a pressing pain in the chest in the days following the operation, especially early in the morning, but don’t worry, the sensation will reduce as days go by. Painkillers will be made available to manage any discomfort you may feel.
  • As with any surgical procedure, there will be some scarring. However, the incisions are made in the most discreet places possible, meaning they are usually hidden from view, either in the armpit or under the natural creases of the breasts. Any scarring will usually fade over time to form faint white lines.
  • Strenuous activity should be avoided for four to six weeks after your operation. Initially you will need to wear a sports bra 24 hours a day for the first 60 days. After this period you will only need to wear it during the day. It’s important to limit physical activity for the first 15 days. Don’t drive or lift weights either. You can usually get back to exercising around six weeks after the operation, but Dr Marcellino will advise you specifically in relation to things like this as recovery times can vary according to the patient.
  • A post-operative appointment will be made for you with Dr Marcellino between three and seven days after your surgery. It is very important that you attend.

 What to Consider

With any cosmetic surgery you should carefully consider your decision and what it is you would like to achieve from your treatment.   It is important that those considering surgery have realistic expectations and are in good health.

You should be aware with breast surgery that in some cases changes may only be small and that any asymmetry already present before the operation may remain.

As with all surgical operations, there are also some potential risks and complications to consider.  Dr. Marcellino will discuss these with you at your consultation, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Some thought should also be given to practical considerations such as child care provision in the days after your operation, which should ideally be set aside for rest and recovery.


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