Breast Lift with Implants

Amazing surgeon. Completely understood what I wanted and did exactly what I asked. Breast Augmentation

I would recommend Dr Marcellino time and time again – Excellent

Dr Marcellino carried out a BA procedure on me 2 years ago and he was fantastic. He immediately set me at ease and understood what and why I wanted the surgery. The results were fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. The care and attention before, during and after the operation was outstanding and I have recommended him on to friends. I trusted him and listened to his guidance. He was patient with all the questions I had initially and it was worth all the research I did to find such a careful and attentive surgeon. I was extremely happy with the procedure and results.

Mr Marcellino is excellent! Look no further.

I cannot recommend Mr Marcellino enough! I honestly wouldn’t look any further if you are looking to have a breast augmentation with very natural results. I am 35 years old and have 350cc implants over the muscle. I did lots of research (esp on Instagram – check that out if you haven’t already) and thought I knew what I wanted. Mr M was absolutely brilliant at helping me understand what I…

I had such an amazing experience can’t thank him enough!!

Where can I start, from the moment I met this man he made me feel so comfortable and reassured going through everything throughly ensuring I knew where I stood; what look I wanted; and what was achievable and I must say my results are amazing I cannot thank this man enough

25 Years Old, Breast Augmentation

Dr Marcellino is a very professional and knowledgeable doctor, his advice was perfect and he knew exactly what implant size was best for me, he was easy to talk to and answered all of my questions, as i was very apprehensive and i asked many questions, which he was happy to answer and was very patient. He made me feel very comfortable and went through the procedure thoroughly . After the operation i had very little discomfort and my scars were neat and im so pleased with the results.

27 Years Old, One Daughter, Tummy Tuck with Vaser to Flanks. London, GB

Couldn’t ask for a better surgeon!! His not always the most talkative person and can come across rushed or uninterested, please don’t let this put you off, you will regret it. He is lovely and works to perfection with a real eye for detail and listens to what you want. After my surgery I found that he went above and beyond to ensure I was happy and talked to me about other options where needed. I couldn’t be happier with my tummy tuck, his made a total difference to my life and I will be forever grateful! His not a surgeon who is just after your money, if that was the case he would have done my breast implants at the same time and not declined to do both at the same time due to the risk to my health and my recovery progress.

21 Year Old 375 Cc – London, GB

Mr Marcellino is an amazing man who has the time and passion for his patients! He initially offered me an uplift but listened to my concerns about scarring at such a young age. He managed to give me brand new full round and uplifted breast with 375cc over the muscle and i’ am in love !
Had my 6 week check with him yesterday and all was good, I cannot thank him enough for his work!
On the day of my surgery he made sure he came up to check on me before i could leave the hospital, he really cares about his patients.
He has given me confidence in my body that i never knew existed and deserves a lot more credit and recognition for his work! amazing !

30 Years Old – Breast Augmentation After Having Daughter and Dropping 3 Cup Sizes. Bristol, GB

Right through from my consultation to surgery and to my after care – I could not have asked for a better surgeon. Dr marcellino knows exactly what will look good and he is just such a genuine guy that I had every confidence in him from the ofset.

Breast Reduction W/ Dr Marcellino. London, GB

I had a breast reduction with Dr Marcellino at the end of Feb.
I was around a 32GG (and a size 10/12 so rather out of proportion) before the op, and had been thinking about it for years. When I met with Dr Marcellino I was reassured instantly about the procedure itself and his competence.
The procedure went well and I am over the moon with the results. Scarring is minimal, they are the same size, and I am 100% happy I have done this – it has changed my life!
I would highly recommend Dr Marcellino to anyone wanted a professional, competent approach and great results.

42 Year Old Mother of 2 Who Really Needed Some Help with Mum Mum and Love Handles! – London, GB

Dr Marcellion was amazing from the start – he was highly recommended to me by another friend so felt like i was in safe hands. On the day of the consultation he was very honest about what he felt he could achieve and made me feel very comfortable. The day before the operation he called me to see how i was feeling which was really nice as i was able to discuss my feelings with him. On the morning of the operation he came into the room to make sure i was comfortable and well and to re-assure me. Post op he once again came to check in on me and at various times throughout the evening came or called the nurses for an update and insisted that i had to call him the following day to let him know how i was feeling. A few days after the op i was worried about some swelling so i called him and he calmed me down and said that the symptoms were normal but if i wanted to go and see him i could. I had to go and see him a week after surgery to remove the stitches and i was amazed at how good it was looking. I then had to return 6 weeks later and OMG what a transformation, despite all the swelling and the bits of bruising i could already see how much slimmer i was, he took pictures so i could see the before and after. It’s now been nearly 2 months since my operation and i look great – i can see the changes in my appearance every day – i have gone from a size 14 to a 10 and people keep telling how great i look! I need to go and see Dr Marcellino again in 2 months as but then all the swelling should have disappeared and finally see the ultimate transformation – and trust me i can’t wait. I am not going to say that it’s painless, it’s not but is it worth it – ABSOLUTELY. Would i do it again – WITHOUT A DOUBT! Dr Marcellino was absolutely amazing and the level of support he offers before and after is outstanding. You do not feel scared to call him with any worries and if he can’t answer he will call you back as soon as he can. If you are considering surgery i would 110% say go see Dr Max Marcellino as he’s brilliant. Thank you so much Dr for your amazing work

Mr Marcellino Boob artist!!

I have made the best decision ever choosing Dr Marcellino, 3 months down the line I seriously could not be happier with what he has done to my confidence, with his boob art. Really professional, cheeky smile and makes you feel at ease and like your in the safest hands ever. I kinda just want to do it all over again. Could not recommend him higher. He’s incredible and is totally my boob god. Can’t thank him enough, ladies and gents, don’t hesitate, he’s the best. Could not be happier

Mr Max Marcellino  – London

Superb, kind, genuine and performed superb surgery

28 Year Old Bodybuilder – So Happy! – London, GB

Dr. Marcellino is very honest and gave me no false expectations. He listened to what I wanted and gave me exactly that. He is super friendly and clearly loves his job. I’m so happy I had my surgery performed by such a talented surgeon and will return to him for any other procedures I may get done in the future.

Mini TT, Vaser and Breast Uplift 

Hi All!

Been reading reviews on this site leading up to my op so thought I’d pay it back and post my own while passing the time recovering!

I’m 25 years old, and have struggled with my body since my early teens. I had a pretty unhealthy relationship with food for a long time and my weight yo-yoed for a number of years. I reached a point where I was in a good place with myself, eating right and exercising 4-5 times a week but there’s nothing I could do to get rid of excess on my stomach and sad boobies after years of mistreating my body.

So I decided to go ahead and get a breast lift and vaser, I went to see Mr Marcellino (after seeing some other surgeons who left a lot to be desired! One tried to get me to liposuction my back….) and he told me a mini tt with vaser would be better as I didn’t have that much fat left on my stomach, but what I thought was fat was a pocket of skin left over from my weight going up and down for so long.

He was very honest and to the point, didn’t give me any false promises and I decided to go ahead.

Day of the surgery came crazy quick! I’d never even been to hospital so was pretty nervous about being put under. The issue was the waiting, I was admitted at 11am and wasn’t taken down until 5pm….that’s a lot of thinking time! When I was taken down the anaesthetist and nurses were great, really put me at ease and next thing I knew…boom! Waking up.

The pain was a lot more than I thought it would be, I’d never even broken a bone so maybe I’d never really experienced real pain. Boobs were fine, it was the tummy. The foam garment was so tight across my incision it was burning with pain, and THE DRAINS OH THE DRAINS!!!! Every time I moved the one in my groin was like a hot dagger exploding into me, it was horrible. The next day I was expecting to be seen at about 2pm. I was seen by a doc at 3 who looked at the fluid in my drains and said I needed to stay in another night 🙁

My mum made a fuss about not being told this earlier when I had leaked that much fluid by the morning and they could have gone home, but to be honest my mum makes a fuss doing the weekly shop so I wasn’t surprised…

I had my drains changed and my surgeon came to see me that night around 10pm. He cut my vest down where it was digging into my breasts and reassured me he’d see me before my discharge tomorrow. The care was excellent, lovely private room with satellite TV and the nurses really took care of me, coming at all hours still smiling to help me to the loo, etc.

The next day I’d only leaked a little bit more so it was time to get the drains out (yay!) and go home. I was so relieved getting them out it didn’t really hurt (apart from the one in the groin). The nurses came to change my dressings and I got my first peek! Then it was on the way home.

The past 4 days I’ve been resting at my parents (my mum is a nurse so I can’t complain about the care!) and I’ve had good and bad days. The vest is killing me. Hurting my back, digging into my incisions and I just can’t see how I’ll wear this for 6 weeks! But not thinking about that yet. Again the main pain is from the stomach not the boobies, but trying not to stretch too much. Really happy so far at the difference but I know there’s a way to go. My first post op is on Monday and will update then!

30 Year Old, No Kids, Breast Augmentation from 32a to 32dd – London, GB

Mr Marcellino was lovely! He took the time to listen to what I wanted and gave his own expert opinion on what I should have to achieve the results I wanted. Together we decided on the size, shape and position and I left my initial consultation feeling confident about the procedure.

I had my BA on 7th September and last week went for my 12 week post op appointment with Mr Marcellino. I’m 5’4’’ and am a size 8, weighing around 55kg. I was a 32a pre-op and wanted to achieve a full C. We chose the 275cc mod plus round mentor implants and I had them over the muscle, I am now measuring as a 32dd! The size is in proportion to my frame and very natural looking which is the main thing I wanted with my results. I had no problems during my recovery, just the usual aches and pains which lasted a few weeks. I was back at work and driving 3 days after my procedure. I was back at the gym doing light cardio and weights on my lower body after 4 weeks and after 6 weeks was fully back to my usual routine of interval training and heavier weights. I also went on holiday with no complications after 8 weeks – it felt so good finally fill out my bikini! My scars are taking abit longer to fade then I had wanted however I think that is more to do with my skin and couldn’t be helped by the surgeon.

Choosing Mr Marcellino was one the best decisions I have made. He has helped make me feel more confident in myself, and has achieved exactly what I wanted from this procedure. He didn’t rush me, and any issues or questions I had he was happy to help!

I will advise all ladies to at least see Mr Marcellino for a consultation before making your decision!

35 Years Old, Had Surgery After 3 Kids and Breast Feeding for my 30th Birthday! – Maidstone, GB

Extremely professional, gave great advise, 110% trust in this surgeon! My Breast uplift and implant result is amazing! Over 5 years On they are so amazing with absolutely no scarring! I would only ever use Dr Marcellino for future surgery!

37 Yrs Old – London, GB

I was one of the lucky girls to have Dr Marcellino doing my surgery. He has done a wonderful job with my breast implants. He’s a great professional and I recommend him 100%. Thanks to him I am now a much happier person and confident with myself. Best professional for cosmetic surgery. Thank You Dr Marcellino

22, No Kids, 38DD Uplift and 200cc Implants. London, GB

Very confident in his work. Couldn’t recommend him more.

Age 24 Needing Breast Transformation After Weight Loss. – London, GB

Instantly upon examination Mr Marcellino recommend that I have the full uplift which I was incredibly taken back by because I’m only 24 and the scarring at this age was not something that I wanted. Mr Marcellino was so understanding and we started discussing a breast augmentation with a benelli lift. This would mean my scarring would just be a circular scarring around the areola itself. I left my surgeon consultation feeling so excited and completely trusted Mr Marcellino. On the day of my surgery I wasn’t nervous I was just apprehensive and excited about the results. I went for 300cc over the muscle implants. After my surgery Mr Marcellino went and saw my mum and told her the operation had gone extremely well and that he would come and see me tomorrow morning. I first saw my results of the operation at my week one post operative check… And WOW! I was amazed!! I’m now 3 months post op and urge you to choose this talented surgeon if you are thinking of having surgery done. I cannot recommend his work enough. I can’t explain what this has done for my confidence and self esteem and that is all down to his expertise. He really doesn’t get enough credit for the level of skill he has. Thank you Mr Marcellino you have changed my life!

Most Amazing Surgeon – Bristol, GB

When I met with Mr Marcellino before even booking my surgery he gave me his honest opinions on implant size, scar size and what to expect pre op, the op, and post op. He actually wouldn’t go with the larger implant size that I wanted initially as he said it would look fake, and if that was the size I wanted maybe I should look for another surgeon. I was a little gutted at the time however now I couldn’t thank him more for his professional opinion. This comment about finding another surgeon made me respect Mr Marcellio more than ever – at the end of the day he is the expert! On the day of the surgery he made me feel at ease when he came around to mark me pre op. He then came to see me before I was discharged from the hospital. I am so pleased with the results from this surgery, they are the perfect size for my frame and my scars are small, neat and already fading. I would recommend Mr Marcellino to anyone looking for breast augmentation. He really is a fantastic surgeon and I am 100% happy with my results. Thank you so much Mr Marcellino 🙂

I Would Do It All over Again .. Breast Augmentation – London, GB

28 Y, from 34AA to 34D, over the Moon 😀 – London, GB

It took me 7 years looking for the right surgeon, then I meet dr. Marcellino. He is professional but friendly at the same time, and he helped me a lot choosing the right thing for me, proportioned to my body. I never had a problem post surgery whise, and i’m very very happy of the results: my breast even if it’s a d cup, look so natural! It’s just the perfect size, i just trusted him since the beginning. Thanks Doctor!

31 Years Old Lady – Cup A to D – I Got the Breasts I Always Wanted 🙂 London, GB

Doctor Marcellino is the best !!!! He really changed my life and boost my confidence. I am so so delighted about the results – he understood me from the start and did exactly what I was dreaming off.
I felt very comfortable with him – it is very easy to communicate with him and he makes you feel very comfortable – he is very understanding and close to his patients. My breasts look so amazing and the scares are very small.
I would definitely recommend without hesitation Doctor Marcellino to any women who wish to do a breast augmentation… plus he is a very friendly person.
Thank you Doctor

Flat Chested Female! (32 Years Old) – London, GB

I had spent most of my years from about the age of 17 dreaming of having a more womanly figure. At such a young age & procedures not being very common back then, I felt that my cards had been dealt and that I would always be the shape that I was. I was no larger than a 32A.
During pregnancy my breast grew slightly bigger and I was so happy. Then they disappeared! I was so upset as I felt that my breast had now changed shape slightly. This made me so more conscious of them.
Over time I saw cosmetic procedures become more common and I was always looking into all the different practices and surgeons (just in case) although at this point in my life I never had the money spare.
Then one day this year (2015) I stumbled upon Mr Marcellino by chance on a social media website. I could not believe how amazing his work was and when I looked through before and after pictures I knew this was the surgeon I needed to change my life and perception of myself for the better.
After all these years of ‘actively searching’ I had never found a surgeon I was 100% happy with, until I saw his work.
His work was so natural ( which is the look I wanted) and once I looked into his professional history I was even more in awe.
The day I met him I experienced 1000 different emotions, I was so nervous, but from the moment I saw him all my worries disappeared, he made me feel so comftable and at ease and together we discussed a size that would be right for me.
The final decision I went for were 400cc under muscle low profiles.
The day of the surgery Mr Marcellino came in and saw me and made me feel at ease in my surroundings and assured me it would all be amazing. He was right. After surgery he came back to check on me, which was so nice of him and he explained everything had gone perfectly.
3 months on and his work is outstanding. 10/10
Seven of my friends have had breast enlargements and they say, hands down, mine are the best they have ever seen. I have no doubt about this as he is so amazing at his job.
If anybody that read this has not yet seen a surgeon, please, please go to Mr Marcellino.

28 Yrs with 5 Children 🙂 – London, GB

I was worried about surgery, but as soon as I met marcellino I felt really confident about the procedure, he is very friendly and I’m glad I made the right choice, on the day of the procedure marcellino and his anaesthetist came to see me, they was very professional and I knew I was in safe hands. 🙂
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